I wrote ehtim (eht-imaging) as a python framework for implementing regularized maximum likelihood imaging methods on EHT data. It has evolved into a flexible environment for manipulating, simulating, analyzing, and imaging interferometric data and is a workhorse of the EHT’s data analysis pipeline.

ehtim has so far been used in over 30 peer reviewed publications. If you reconstruct images from visibilities and are interested in trying out some new methods beyond CLEAN, give ehtim a shot! The code is on GitHub, and the documentation is here.


kgeo is a lightweight Python code for generating null geodesics in the Kerr spacetime around a supermassive black hole. It can create fully polarized black hole images from simple emission models.


I maintain the two-temperature, radiative GRMHD C code KORAL originally written by Aleksander Sadowski. I use KORAL to investigate the effects of adding new physics like the spectral evolution of nonthermal electrons to standard GRMHD simulations of the EHT’s target black hole sources. I am currently working on porting KORAL to a new, GPU-capable code.